Latest news 2024-02-16: Experimental (unstable) datatool v2.49a available for testing. Download from the experimental page if you would like to try it out.

Finding the Version Number


The Java GUI applications, such as flowframtk, have the version number written in the Help -> About dialogue box. Command line applications, such as makeglossaries, have a --version or -version option, which will display the version number. For example: makeglossaries --version.

LaTeX Packages

For LaTeX class files and packages, the version number will be written in the log file. For example, the following line indicates version 4.12 of the glossaries package:
Package: glossaries 2014/11/22 v4.12 (NLCT)
Note that this is for the base package. Independent packages or modules also have a version number. For example, the following line indicates version 1.0 of the glossaries-english module:
File: glossaries-english.ldf 2014/11/23 v1.0

LaTeX Books

The version number for LaTeX books can be found on the book’s home page or on the title page of the HTML/PDF versions or on the copyright page of the paperback versions.