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LaTeX for Complete Novices Using LaTeX to Write a PhD Thesis
Children's Fiction
The Foolish Hedgehog Quack Quack Quack. Give My Hat Back!
Crime Fiction
I've Heard the Mermaid Sing The Private Enemy


Dickimaw Books is a publishing imprint set up in 2012 by Dr Nicola L. C. Talbot for her LaTeX textbooks, crime fiction and children's illustrated fiction. Dickimaw Books is based in Saxlingham Nethergate. The books are printed and distributed by Lightning Source, see their Environmental Responsible Forestry page to find out about their chain of custody (CoC) certifications.


(The free resources on this site are supported by book sales and consultancy work. This means that writing and maintaining LaTeX packages and free software has to take a lower priority, so please be patient. When I update a package, I first address any open bugs. If there is a serious issue that requires an urgent upgrade, I'll upload the package to CTAN as soon as the issue has been fixed. Otherwise, I'll then address any open feature requests.)

Recent News

November 2014

Update: glossaries language module glossaries-dutch v1.1 released. (Bug fix.)
Update: LaTeX package glossaries v4.12 released. Multilingual support has now been separated into independently maintained language modules. Please ensure you also install the relevant language module when you update to this version.
Update: LaTeX package tracklang v1.1 released.

October 2014

Book launch of The Private Enemy at Jarrold Department Store, Norwich
New video tutorials for makejmlrbookgui.
Version 0.8b of makejmlrbookgui ready.
Version 0.7b of makejmlrbookgui ready.
Version 0.6b of makejmlrbookgui ready.
Update: LaTeX bundle jmlr v1.20 released.
New article on self-publishing.

September 2014

Update: LaTeX package flowfram v1.17 released.
New Generic TeX package tracklang released.
Update: LaTeX bundle jmlr v1.19 released.
New LaTeX class pressrelease released.
Book store reopened (upgraded to osCommerce v2.3.4)
Update: LaTeX package glossaries v4.11 released.

August 2014

Update: LaTeX package glossaries v4.10 released.
Talk at "Words Across the Wensum": a literary day at Fakenham promoted by Active Fakenham.
Update: LaTeX package glossaries v4.09 released.
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What's In a Name?

I often get asked where does the name "Dickimaw" come from, so I thought I'd add a note about it here. I moved to Norfolk in the mid 1990s, but although I wasn't bred and born here I can claim to have a few drops (albeit very diluted) of Norfolk blood as my maternal grandfather's maternal grandfather was a Yarmouth man. Anyway, I have become very fond of the place and joined the Friends of Norfolk Dialect. I wanted to choose a name that was somehow inspired by Norfolk. There are lots of Canary this and Wherry that around, so instead I thought about the Norfolk expression "Heh yar fa’r got a dickey, bor?" and decided to merge the last two words, but an Internet search showed up quite a few hits for that, so I changed the masculine "bor" to the feminine "maw". Hence Dickimaw. Dew yew keep a' troshin!

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