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I get the message "Token not allowed in a PDF string (PDFDocEncoding)" 🔗


Package hyperref Warning: Token not allowed in a PDF string (PDFDocEncoding):
(hyperref)                removing `\Glsentrytext'
This is a warning from the hyperref package not an error. As mentioned in Using Glossary Terms Without Links, you can't use non-expandable commands in PDF bookmarks. The command gets ignored (hyperref tells you this in the "removing `\Glsentrytext'" part of the warning) so you end up with just the expandable part (the label) in the bookmark. Remember that, as stated in the user manual, the commands that convert the first letter to upper case are non-expandable and therefore can't be used in the bookmarks. Use \texorpdfstring to provide alternative text for the bookmark or you can use hyperref's \pdfstringdefDisableCommands to temporarily disable the command while the bookmark is written. (See the hyperref manual for further details.)

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