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How can I make just the short form a hyperlink? 🔗

If you switch off the hyperlink on first use (using the hyperfirst=false package option), you can create a custom acronym style that inserts the link around just the short form:




  % use the "long-short" display style:
  % use the "long-short" style definitions:
  % adjust the full form so that it has a hyperlink for the short part:
  % same for the plural form:

% apply this new style

% now define the acronyms
\newacronym{gnu}{GNU}{Gnu is Not Unix}


First use: \gls{gnu}. Next use: \gls{gnu}.

Full form: \acrfull*{gnu}.


Note that if you are using glossaries-extra, it uses a completely different abbreviation mechanism so the above won’t work. However, you can simply use an abbreviation style such as short-postlong-user.

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