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How do I make acronyms appear in a different font (but not the long form)? 🔗

As from version 4.02, use one of the predefined acronym formats and redefine \acronymfont as required. For example, if you want the short form displayed in sans-serif using the long-short format:

or you can define you own custom style called, say, long-sf-short:
and use that:

Note that if you are using glossaries-extra, it uses a completely different abbreviation mechanism so the above won’t work.

Pre glossaries version 4.02:

If you are just using the default definition of \newacronym, then use the package option smaller and redefine \acronymfont to use the required font.

If you are using any of the package options that redefine \newacronym (such as description), then just redefine \acronymfont to use the required font.

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