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All my glossary entries have appeared in the same glossary instead of in separate glossaries 🔗

If you are using makeindex directly instead of via makeglossaries, you must remember to call makeindex separately for each glossary. For example, if you have both a main glossary and a list of acronyms you will need to do (assuming your file is called myfile.tex):

makeindex -s -t myfile.glg -o myfile.gls myfile.glo
makeindex -s -t myfile.alg -o myfile.acr myfile.acn
If you have Perl installed, I would strongly recommend that you use makeglossaries instead, as then all you need do is:
makeglossaries myfile
which significantly reduces the chance of errors. Also try checking the makeindex transcript files to see if there were any errors in the makeindex run.

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