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Some of the Perl CGI scripts on this site are still not functioning or have some functions that are currently unavailable. This is due to some changes made by the web hosting company used by this site. This has resulted in the removal of certain key Perl modules required by those scripts, and they can't be reinstalled. I've modified the scripts so they should all fail gracefully with a message rather than crashing. Please only report scripts that are actually triggering an error code. I'm in the process of rewriting most of these scripts in PHP.

If you have a (La)TeX problem, please try a TeX newsgroup, forum or related site, such as TeX on StackExchange or the LaTeX Community Forum. I'm currently not taking on any new TeX consultancy contracts. (Check the TUG list of consultants for other professionals.)

The Dickimaw Books imprint is a sole-trader business not a publishing company. If you want your manuscript published, I recommend you find a literary agent or try self-publishing.

If the shop is closed, then it's likely that I'm out-of-office and possibly offline until the designated reopening date.

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The free resources on this site are funded by book sales not by adverts. If you would like to help keep this site free of annoying third-part ads, please consider buying a book.

"Dickimaw", "Dickimaw Books" and the Dickimaw parrot logo are trademarks. The Dickimaw parrot was painted by Magdalene Pritchett.

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