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The site has just moved to a new web hosting provider. There may be some temporary disruption.

Recent News

(Uploads to CTAN may take a few days to process and appear in the TeX distributions.)

April 2019

Update: glossaries-extra v1.41 released.

Update: bib2gls v1.9 released.

New Logical Glossary Divisions (type vs group vs parent) added to gallery.

March 2019

Update: glossaries-extra v1.40 released.

New topic styles added to gallery of predefined glossary styles.

New bib2gls FAQ.

Update: glossaries-extra v1.39 released.
75% off the ebook edition of "The Private Enemy" from 3rd March to 9th March 2019 (Pacific time) to celebrate "Read an E-Book Week".

February 2019

Blog post: ASD and English GCSEs.
Bug report script has moved to dickimaw-books.com/bug-report.php.

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