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Bug Tracker

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Status Category Summary Action
Closed (fixed) glossaries xindy can't find module for language german View
Closed (fixed) glossaries \nopostdesc 'ignored' if not protected (sanitize=none) View
Closed (fixed) glossaries Additional vertical space above glossary heading View
Closed (Duplicate) glossaries \nopostdesc with sanitize={description=false} View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries cross-referencing not as described View
Closed (fixed) glossaries \pagenumbering causes an error in \printglossaries View
Closed (fixed) glossaries nohypertypes option not recognized View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries problem with glossaries and pdf bookmark View
Closed (Duplicate) glossaries option nohypertypes not recognized View
Closed (fixed) glossaries Spurious parentheses with smallcaps option View
Closed (fixed) glossaries Input of babel.sty in ltxdoc documentclass (.dtx) files View
Closed (fixed) glossaries \Glsentry... doesn't work in arguments of sectionning commands View
Closed (fixed) glossaries smallcaps option won't allow aac acronym View
Closed (fixed) glossaries acronym longplural form not used in footnotes View
Closed (fixed) glossaries Last displayed glossary entry's hanging indentation gets lost with index style View
Closed (not a bug) glossaries if hyperref is loaded before glossaries then the subscript size is wrong View
Closed (fixed) glossaries \textup on plural not applied with smallcaps and garmondx font View
Closed (fixed) glossaries \si macro (from siunitx) doesn't work View
Closed (fixed) glossaries smaller View
Open glossaries Bookmarks of symbols and numbers glossaries titles are not translated View

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The free software provided here (including my class files and packages on CTAN) are funded by my book sales. While I'm keen to remove bugs from my code, book production has to take priority over bug fixes, so please don't expect a rapid response.

Version numbers that end with "b" indicate a beta (prototype) release. Version numbers that end with "a" indicate an alpha (unstable) release.

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