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Bug Tracker

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Status Category Summary Action
Closed (fixed) datatool Spurious spaces in \DTLloaddb View
Closed (fixed) datatool typo in source (should be \PackageError instead of \PackageErrors)) View
Closed (fixed) datatool Bug when glossaries laded before datatool View
Closed (fixed) datatool DTLgetvalueforkey fails when key=0 View
Closed (Migrated) datatool xkeyval incompatibility View
Closed (fixed) datatool Error if \DTLnewdbentry's third argument is an empty macro View
Closed (not a bug) datatool Only the second row works not the first View
Open datatool I am not able to compile tex file created for displaying database. The \DTLdisplaydb gives missing number inserted error. View
Closed (fixed) datatool Error or misunderstanding in datatool documentation View
Closed (fixed) datatool Package person.sty contains bugs View
Closed (fixed) datatool \DTLifSubString fails inside \DTLforeach View
Closed (not a bug) datatool Spurious line in tabular with View
Closed (fixed) datatool morewrites does not work as expected View
Open datatool strange behavior of \dtlcompare View
Open datatool \DTLifstringeq depends on Babel View
Open datatool Error is a command used in the assign list is equal to relax View
Open datatool fp and pgfmath View
Open datatool dataplot setcount for digits after decimal point on y-axis doesn't work View
Open datatool datapie's pieoutline draws extra lines when its line width is not zero View
Open datatool datatool gobbles space View

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The free software provided here (including my class files and packages on CTAN) are funded by my book sales. While I'm keen to remove bugs from my code, book production has to take priority over bug fixes, so please don't expect a rapid response.

Version numbers that end with "b" indicate a beta (prototype) release. Version numbers that end with "a" indicate an alpha (unstable) release.

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