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StatusClosed (Not a Bug)
Summarybreaking space between long acronym and acronym


Glossaries default style (current texlive version) allows for a line break between `Acronym (acr)` i.e. Acronym (acr) This line break can fall onto a page break. Fix: i guess replacing `\space` with `~` should work. If there are reasons against this please let me know.

Malte Vesper




    \newacronym{nfa}{NFA}{nondeterministic finite automata}


This is a feature request, so I've had to close it as not a bug. (There are plenty of long abbreviations, especially technical or medical ones, where a non-breakable space is undesirable. The existing styles behave as documented so there's no bug to fix.) However, version 4.16 now has two new styles called "long-sp-short" and "long-sp-short-desc". These will use a non-breakable space if "(short)" is less than 3em otherwise it will use a regular space. For these styles, the space is inserted using \glsacspace{label} which can be redefined as required.

Comment from Malte Vesper
Date: 2015-07-09 05:22:42 CDT

While probably not quite the place, I would like you to know that I did not just move on, after reporting this, so: Thank you very much.

Just as an idea for the future: would it make sense to have the 3em be user defineable? (Package parameter: downside only configurable for one glossary, style parameter or maybe create a comand wrapper to generate this style).

Comment from Nicola Talbot
Date: 2015-07-08 11:27 BST

I did consider making the length configurable by providing a new length register, but glossaries already uses up so many resources (which has resulted in complaints) that I didn't want to add any more. It's difficult to get a good balance between providing customization and document build efficiency.

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