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MakeJmlrBookGUI is a Java GUI provided to help editors build JMLR (Journal of Machine Learning Research) proceedings or books in the CiML (Challenges in Machine Learning) series. This application is designed to only work with books using the LaTeX jmlrbook class that import papers using the jmlr class. See the jmlr documentation for further details on using those classes.

Latest Version: 0.8b
Requirements: Java Runtime Environment. (At least JRE 7.) A TeX Distribution. The jmlr bundle. (Either download jmlr bundle or use MakeJmlrBookGUI's "Install JMLR Bundle" function.) Ghostscript.
Licence: GPLv3+ (Main Code) JLFGR License (Java Look & Feel Graphics Repository License)
Snapshots: View
Changes: View Change Log
Help: Manual (HTML), Manual (PDF), Troubleshooting (HTML), Video Tutorials


As from version 0.5b there is now a platform independent installer. Download makejmlrbookgui-0.8b-installer.jar. If you operating system associates jar files with java, you should just be able to double-click on the jar file to run it. If not, you can run the installer by invoking the following command:

java -jar makejmlrbookgui-0.8b-installer.jar
The source code is also available as a zip archive.


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